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Osservazioni Dopo Dieci Giorni...

Observations after my first ten days in Italy

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Wow - I've been here a week and a half already and the time has flown!

NOTE: This entry is finished - sorry!!!! Should be finished with photos and more very soon!!!

At the end of my last entry I wrote about going to the Citta Alta, so firstly, here's the report on that. We set off at about five, so what I saw of it I saw in the dark and the fog, but it was absolutely bellissima. With Elena and three friends of hers we explored this old and beautiful part of the city - which as I discovered is separate part, built up well above the rest with the help of huge stone walls. Originally, it was built as a sort of fortress against invading Venetians. We walked up to la porta (the stone arch/gateway) and le mura (the city walls), and they were pretty impressive, although they clearly didn't prevent a Venetian invasion, because we saw quite a few stone lions on fountains etc. which are the symbol of Venice. We had pizza together and also went to see the two impressive and typically Italian churches in the Citta Alta- which are literally ten paces from each other!

Apart from that I've pretty much been going to school, meeting various friends, I went to church with the Barcellas and so on. So, after one week in Italy, I thought that I'd share a few of my observations about the differences between Australia and Italian Vita Quotidiana (daily life).

  1. Coffee - The coffee was my first observation! On the way home from the airport I had some coffee that Fabrizio had prepared and brought in a flask. I drank some but after that just couldn't have any more! No, not because it was strong, but because it was so incredibly sweet! As it turns out this is quite a normal thing. A normal coffee is black in a little espresso cup, but lots of people seem to add a good teaspoon or two of sugar to this tiny cupful! Otherwise, they drink 'latte' (milk), which is actually hot milk with instant coffee.
  2. Uniform - I knew this before I came, but there is no school uniform in Italy. Except in PE, when we have to wear a navy tracksuit. But without an official uniform there still seems to be one - jeans!
  3. Breakfast - Breakfast is very much as sweet meal, the Italians find the very idea of eggs and bacon or any sort of savory breakfast very strange! What I love about breakfast is that it's perfectly normal to eat cakes, tarts, biscuits, pastries and whatever other sweet goodies you like for breakfast... The other strange thing is that there is no toaster! They no what toast is but when I asked for toast we had to cook it in the sandwich toaster!
  4. Lunch - At school there is only one break of 15 minutes, at about 11am, and then we don't arrive home until 3pm, or on a Friday 2pm, and when we get home Giampiera has prepared a hot lunch for us. The problem is, I'm starving when we get home from school and I eat plenty, and then I'm not really not hungry when dinnertime comes around.
  5. Dinner - Even after a hot lunch, dinner always seems to be an affair of at least 3 courses! We will have some sort of carbohydrate as the Primo (pasta, focaccia, risotto etc.) Then vegetables, some sort of meat and bread as the Secondo Piatto. Then we will sometimes have cheese, always fruit, and usually something sweet as well. (Especially if I have anything to do with it!)

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